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This has changed my whole trajectory for my health

Today my friend Stephanie, ultimate kindhearted badass, wrote a story about working out with her 2 year old granddaughter under her feet, encouraging us younger parents and letting us know that peak health and fitness CAN be attained, even with tiny humans stalking your every move.

Someone commented the following to her:

“You know I ❤️ you, but I have to say.....not everyone has the ability to work from home and get their workouts done at 11am like you both do, plus you have Justine to help out. The rest of the world is working their full time jobs out of the house then coming home to care for their children. It’s much more difficult. I don’t have small children but after working 12-13 hours on my feet, the last thing my feet and legs can bear is a workout.”

I’m not trying to shame the commenter in any way, because 6 months ago, I felt that exact same way. I was full of excuses as to why I couldn’t work out, why I would always be fat and would continue to loathe my body. Topping my list was my kids and the fact that I was out of shape and “the last thing my feet and legs can bear is a workout.”

On day 1 of GRIT in October, I was forced to slay my excuses or succumb to them.

The very first workout we were prescribed was hill sprints peppered with body weight exercises every time you came back to the bottom of the hill.

I had all three kids, no sitter and my husband worked until 11pm that day. I almost quit on day one because I didn’t think it was possible to get that workout done with the kids.

I didn’t quit though, I got extra gritty and figured it out.

I put my two youngest kids in the double stroller (100 pounds) and pushed them up and down the hill. My oldest son ran next to me and worked the timer for my body weight exercises because I had to keep a hand or foot on the stroller the entire time (we were on a hill remember, that sucker would’ve rolled away).

During that workout my four year old said, “Mom, are you crying?”

I was.

It was So. Fucking. Hard.

That one moment of figuring out how to get it done with my kids underfoot changed the whole trajectory of my health.

My weight loss journey started with me at 237 pounds as my highest recorded weight (it most likely got higher but I refused to acknowledge it anymore after that). Today I weighed at 189 pounds, almost 50 pounds down. I can run for miles now, when I used to get out of breath bringing the laundry up the stairs. My kids see me workout every day, it’s totally normal to them now, almost 5 months later. I’ve set an example that fitness is an everyday part of life.

Parents, let me tell you that you can absolutely reclaim your health. I know because I did it. I also know because there are TONS of other parents in GRIT who workout with their kiddos right next to them, under them, on top of them.

If you’re where I was, letting your kids be an excuse and you need some help finding your way out of that...send me a message.

Pic: Cooper doing the famed 12 minutes of death workout from GRIT with me.
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