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Time can change your life

I stopped in to visit my Grandma today on the way home from Kansas City. 

I recently heard Jesse Itzler talk about how he looks at time and life. He said his parents are aging and instead of thinking “oh, I have ten more years with them”, which sounds like a long time, he broke it down. He sees them in person twice a year because they live across the country. Twice a year, if they live for 10 more years, is only 20 more times he will see his parents in his lifetime. 

That really puts things in perspective.

My Grandma is 90 years old. I typically see her once or twice a year, even though she only lives an hour from me. If she lives to 100 that’s only 10-20 more times I would see her. 95 would only be 5-10 more times I would see her, at our current rate of visits. 

So today, I stopped in. We hung out. We chatted. We held hands. We hugged hard. We made plans to go fishing. 

Break down your time into the number of potential visits instead of years. It will change your life.

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