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Transformation isn't always pretty...

Transformation isn’t always pretty....

See this photo on the left? It’s a screen shot from one of the time lapse videos I turned in of my GRIT workouts two days ago.

As a leader, I’m required to video my workouts, make sure I never get lazy on my contexts and generally have the highest standards for my GRIT behaviors, leading by example.

Up to this point I’ve done minimal time lapse videos, usually preferring to turn in a sweaty selfie or screenshot of my timer because I hate being on video working out.

Why do I hate being on video working out? When I watch them, I consistently see how far I have to go instead of how far I’ve come. I can’t ignore the ugly “middle” parts of change on video.

See, in this screenshot, it’s clear that my tummy area, which used to be very full is now sagging down and sitting on my lap, or between my lap in this particular move. The pained look on my face is evidence that I still very much struggle through all my GRIT workouts.

Static photos allow me to pick the images of strength I want to implant in my brain.

The second photo was taken by Chris yesterday as I did my resistance bands and when he sent it to me his caption said “You skinny.” I would’ve chosen this photo as my proof of workout yesterday, instead of the video I actually turned in which shows a much different picture from the front (see comments). This photo shows me getting closer to my goals. I look strong and healthy, I don’t have rolls of chunk coming out from around my bra strap anymore.

I would’ve chosen to implant this image of success in my brain, not the saggy belly.I’ve been selectively choosing what things I indoctrinate myself with across this GRIT journey, but being forced into the discomfort of videoing myself every day is making me have to face the not so gorgeous parts of transformation.

Transformation isn’t always beautiful. When a snake is shedding its skin, or a bird is molting, they look disgusting. Once finished though, they have a fresh body, ready to take on their next season of growth with strength and beauty.

Video is going to force me to embrace the ugly parts of transformation. GRIT round 4 is going to be a bumpy ride emotionally. My guess...it’ll produce the most growth I’ve had yet.

Time to get comfortable being uncomfortable. (And video it....😳).

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