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Trust Your Gut

Trust your gut.

It’s that time again, when my 28 day GRIT cycle is coming to an end and the next one is getting ready to start.

You probably know by now what GRIT is and what an important part of my life it’s become.

Each day in GRIT we do our writing assignments and the other day our prompt was “I’m an inspiration for the desperate.”

Some people took that prompt and relayed that they were the desperate one and they were trying to just inspire themselves at this point. Some people displayed disgust at the word desperate itself. Some of them recalled their desperate moments and how GRIT had helped them push through them.

It took me a long time to accept that I could be “inspirational” to other people. I’m just a regular person. I make a ton of mistakes in life. I fall down and get back up constantly. I live in a completely average, middle class, split level home. I drive a minivan. I’m painfully normal.

How can I, the most basic of basic, inspire anyone else? I’m still struggling to figure out my own life. I don’t have any fancy secrets to share with someone.

It’s through four rounds of GRIT and watching 9 women join me inside StoryAthlete that I realized that my normalcy is what makes me able to inspire you to take action. Because if I can do it, why can’t you?

I said it above, I’m not special. I don’t have any fancy secrets (well, one I guess...StoryAthlete GRIT), I drive a minivan and I have a saggy tummy from having 3 C-Section babies.

All of that means that if you are desperate for change, you can absolutely make it happen, because I did.

If you’re looking for more confidence, stronger relationships, belief in yourself, to get your mojo back, to find the girl you used to be, to shed the weight, to get stronger, to have accountability, to learn to dream again, to have something that’s solely for you...whatever you’re desperate for, you can have it.

How? Join StoryAthlete GRIT and start proving to yourself you do hard things through your workouts and start writing yourself as the hero of your story.

The deadline to join me and the other 9 Compton Co; girls inside StoryAthlete is Jan 31. Don’t wait until the last minute though because you’re going to have a bunch of questions for me and a couple extra days time between will set your mind at ease and keep you from feeling rushed before day 1 which is February 3.

If you have questions (I know you do) shoot me a message. I’m happy to answer them.The link to sign up is below in the comments.

If you have even the slightest thought you might want to do this, just do it. That’s how I ended up in the most life changing program I’ve ever found. I trusted my gut and said yes, when I really had no idea what I was getting into.

Trust your gut and find the change you’re desperate for.

PS, this link makes it seem like GRIT is 100 burpees a day, it’s not, that’s the origin story of GRIT. We do lots of different workouts, they change every round and we use minimal equipment. A kettlebell, resistance band, hanging bar, and a sandbag.

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