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Unit Leader

Unit leader...

Remember how I said I was going to take all 3 days of rest between GRIT rounds this month and not feel bad about it?

I was adamant about my rest. 😂

Welp, I failed at resting. I did 3.5 miles on the treadmill yesterday. I’m cool with being a resting failure. 😉

The January round of GRIT kicks off today and guess what?!

I’m a Unit Leader for the first time this month!

Say whaaaa?

See, every month we vote on three awards.

1. The MVP for your unit (7-10 people)
2. The GRIT MVP, which is everyone is GRIT (60-80 people).
3. Biggest Transformation, the person who turned the most heads with their transformation.

Month 1 and 2 I won the Unit MVP award.

This month I tied for winner of GRIT MVP with our trainer, CJ.

The rules state that whoever wins GRIT MVP gets offered a leadership role for the following month. So far, it’s been leadership to win each month (and rightfully so, they’re the 💣).

When the founder sent me a message asking me if I’d like to be a Unit Leader for January I immediately said “Yup!”

Did I know if I’d even be a good leader? No.
Was I afraid to say yes? Yep.

Did I do it anyway? Of course.


I’m a StoryAthlete and StoryAthletes find a way.

We figure it out. We face our fears. We step into the arena. We do hard things. We learn as we go. We embrace challenge. We grow when we are needed to grow. We step up when others aren’t willing to. We light the path for others.

Most importantly, we hold the pen. I’ll write myself a story this month of being a great Unit Leader and supporting and loving my team.

January GRIT, me and my cute headbands are ready for you. 💪 I’m still holding steady on the fact that cute headbands make me stronger, you can’t tell me otherwise. 💁‍♀️

Kettlebells today. #getsome

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