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Weird little internet world...

Today is day 14 of the GRIT 28 day challenge. We started with 63 people and are down to 61. We’ve only lost 2 people in 14 days.

Many of us entered as strangers and many of us are now friends. I almost said we will leave as friends but I’m going to bet a large portion of us will go on to the next GRIT challenge.

What I’ve learned so far these two weeks is that the StoryAthlete ecosystem is a weird little internet world full of kindhearted badasses. A diverse group of people, all ages, both sexes, married, single, some are parents, some aren’t, some believe in God, some don’t, some are entrepreneurs, some aren’t, some are incredibly fit (personal trainer, ex pro athlete, firefighter who runs 30 miles for fun, ex British paratrooper) and some are not (me, that’s me guys.).

All of us are committed to the other 61 though.

In two weeks I’ve not seen one single disparaging comment. There’s no weird group rules stating to be nice humans. We just are.

Every day we do these incredibly taxing workouts. The fittest of us do crazy things like wear oxygen deprivation masks to have more empathy for the less fit (me, again...that’s me guys). If you miss one workout, you’re out. That’s it. We committed to 28 days together and you aren’t allowed to stay if you break your commitment to the group.

Because we are StoryAthletes, and the forefront of what we do is tell stories, we write each day on a particular topic and share with the group. The workouts are inspiring, but the 61 stories each day are where the magic is. It’s where we learn about each other and truly connect.

Some of the more seasoned StoryAthletes repeat this mantra over and over to us, “those who suffer together, bond together”. I didn’t get it before, it was just words.

After two weeks of suffering together, I have stronger connections with some of the StoryAthletes than I do people I’ve known for years. They’re my tribe now.

A tribe full of kindhearted badasses from all over the world, willing to suffer together so we can grow together.

I am so grateful to have found them.

P.S. day 14 was sprints and dead hang day, my least favorite day of the week. I had actual nightmares last night about today’s workout. It took me 57 grueling minutes to complete and I’m really glad I only have to do that sucker two more times in this challenge.

Pic: my view during my dead hangs.

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