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Welcome the circus...

Here’s the story about how we ended up with TWO new kittens.

Yesterday we went to RF Home Co by Rescued Furnishings to pick up some things and I was playing with their tiny adorable dogs. I said to Chris, “this is the size dog we need.” To which he promptly said, “no”. 😂

Fast forward to the evening. We are done working and heading to the grocery store to pick up dinner. Chris says, “let’s go to PetSmart and look at the fish”. We do.

While he is looking at the fish I’m walking around and go to look at the cats to be adopted. There are two yellow kittens running around and I snap a pic and send them to my mom.

I had a yellow cat named Bennett that I got from PetSmart adoptions 18 years ago. He passed away when he was 17. We had a long run together. These tiny yellow kittens in the PetSmart adoption center are tugging at my heart. I’ve gotta get out of here!

I’m talking to the rescue lady from The Goode Life Rescue and telling her my story about how I ended up with Bennett and that he stuck his paws under the door to play with me and that’s how we ended up with 17 years together. I’m like lady, I have to get myself away from these kittens or I’m gonna end up leaving with a yellow baby again!

I find Chris and instead of saying, “Run for your life!” I say, “Come look at these kittens”. 🤦‍♀️

Chris likes a fluffy kitten named Oscar more than the yellow one and we get him out to play. Chris likes him, gets cat hair on his jacket, says no way. We leave.

Go to the grocery store, pick up the kids from school, go home, cook dinner, eat dinner, go to the tire place to pick up our car which was being worked on. Chris comes back to the truck at the tire place and says, “let’s go back and look at the fish tanks again.”

We do. We take the kids to look at the kittens. We end up with three kittens out in the play room. Fluffy Oscar and the two small yellow ones. One of the yellow ones sticks his paws under the door to play. It’s over. Im done. Get me out of here before I put this cat in my purse.

Cooper poops his diaper, I take him to the car to handle it. Chris says, “I’ll just meet you out there.”

It’s a long wait. I text and say, “the kids are getting antsy.”

He texts me to pull up with the truck to the front door. I do. He comes out of PetSmart with TWO cats and ZERO fish tanks!

What just happened?!

Meet Barnum!

Oscar has been renamed Bailey and our house is officially a circus. 😳☺️

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