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What if...

What if....

Today was our last 12 minutes of death workout with CJ Thomas for the StoryAthlete 28 day challenge.

Our very first 12MOD workout was a benchmark fitness test. How many push-ups, squats, sit ups and burpees can you do in 2 mins time? Two mins for each exercise. 1 min of rest between each. There were modifications, normal or advance options for each move so that you could work at your own level. I did modified for all of them.

The StoryAthlete challenge was mostly about writing stories across four dimensions of our life....mind, body, business and relationships. BUT, we were required to do a 12MOD workout with CJ (via video) twice a week. They are body weight workouts you can do anywhere. I just pressed play on my phone.

They were hard. HARD. Even in modified version they were hard. I didn’t look forward to them at all.

I hate fitness. I don’t enjoy working out at all. It’s boring. It hurts. It’s hard. It makes me feel bad about myself for being so out of shape. You have to do it soooo often to see any improvement. It’s the freaking WORST. So I usually just opt out.

Today we retested our benchmarks from our first day. I’ve only spent 60 minutes total this month working out with CJ in between then and now. I did every required workout but 60 mins was all that was required.

My results were as follows:

Push ups (chair modification):
34——->50 47% improvement.

Squats (no jump):
33———>55 66% improvement.

Sit up (modified to reverse):
41———> 60 46% improvement.

Burpee (modified):
17———-> 23 35% improvement

I made a marked improvement in just 60 minutes of workout time over the course of 3 weeks.

What if...fitness doesn’t have to be so daunting?

I have given up on all these fitness goals in my life because they’re so BIG. They seem impossible. I get so sore I can’t move for days and then can’t do the next workout because I can barely sit down on the toilet. Beach body...C25k....personal trainers....none of them stuck.

What if....I just ran for 12 mins twice a week and then did a benchmark distance test once a month? Would I be able to run a 5k without killing myself along the way?

What if....fitness doesn’t have to be so BIG and scary?

What if....I don’t actually have to ever love it? Maybe I’ve been searching for the wrong thing the whole time. Waiting for myself to fall in love with some certain exercise routine. What if it’s ok to just hate fitness and do it anyway and move on...like dishes or laundry?

CJ, I know I hate 12MOD, but I love you for believing in us. I love you for showing up for us and building us into stronger versions of ourselves. I love you for making things attainable for the fitness haters like me.

12MOD might always live in the laundry category for me...but what if that’s actually perfectly ok?

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