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What new things are you learning?

Chris brought the boys to the ranch today at the end of my lessons so they could meet the horses. 

Cooper was pretty nervous about them and Colton wasn’t nervous enough 😂

I trotted today and Saphira tried to bite me because she doesn’t like to be bridled. That honestly scared me but I know that I have to learn how to do the scary things too. If I only learn how to deal with the horses when they’re happy and obliging I really haven’t learned horsemanship. 

Riding lessons are so humbling for me. I love learning new things and being proud of myself for the tiny corrections I make. I mean tiny. Like, I’m starting from scratch here so remembering not to let a strap hang a certain way is an achievement at this point. 

What’s the last brand new thing you learned how to do? 

Pic: Grit & Grace Ranch

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