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What’s your excuse?

For years I’ve been feeding myself excuses as to why I don’t workout and haven’t been able to stick with a fitness program.

Excuse 1. I can’t workout because I’m so out of shape.

Well, duh. I was terribly out of shape. The first round of GRIT I legitimately thought I might die. My body freaking HURT. I cried my way through the first two weeks. Tears falling to the floor beneath me as I did my third round of push-up/pull unders with my kettle bell. Sobs as I did my 99th modified penalty burpee for falling off the hanging bar. I slept on the floor because my back hurt so bad that laying in my soft bed was torture.

My body wasn’t the real problem though, my mind was. It took me a full 28 days to let go of the excuse that I was too out of shape to complete GRIT. I couldn’t use it as an excuse anymore once I finished the 28 day challenge because I just proved myself wrong.

Excuse 2. I can’t workout because I have young kids.

I need a babysitter so I can go to the gym. The kids are sick, I can’t go run today. Chris won’t be home until late, I can’t fit that workout in.

My very first day of GRIT I had to run up against every single one of those excuses and either let them knock me out before I started, or figure out how to get hill sprints done with three kids in tow.

I didn’t want to give up on day one (which I have done, so many times before) so I put the kids in the double stroller and pushed 100 pounds up and down the hill for 20 minutes while Cash ran next to me. When I was done I was dizzy and shivering even though it was hot out. It was terrible, but I was so proud of myself for not quitting before I started.

I proved all the excuses about the kids wrong.

Excuse 3. I need a workout buddy. I won’t go by myself.

This is half true. I do need accountability but I do not, in fact, need someone to stand next to me while I get my fitness on like I previously thought.

I still need the accountability of my GRIT team to make me show up on the days I don’t want to. My mind isn’t hardened enough to do it completely on my own, and I’m not sure it ever will be. But I will go run a 5k by myself now. I will do 80 modified burpees in my hallway alone. I will army crawl through a playground, while someone makes fun of me, with no backup. I need a team, but I do not need my hand held.

Excuse 4. I’m not athletic.

This one makes me the most mad at myself. I wasn’t athletic because I wasn’t trying to be. I have used this as an excuse to let my body deteriorate forever. It was the very first thing that I said to CJ when I was deciding if I should join Story Athlete, “I’m not an athlete and I never will be.”

Now I burpee, army crawl, squat, deadlift, run, lunge, hang, sprint, push-up, hollow body and all kinds of other words I didn’t know were actual things people did. I’m an athlete.

In 2.5 months of GRIT, I’ve disproved all the excuses I’ve been telling myself for YEARS about why I’m never going to be in shape. Why I’ll never actually run that 1/2 marathon. Why I’ve never stuck with anything long enough to see any actual results.

What’s are the excuses you’ve been telling yourself? I’ll bet you can prove yourself wrong just like I did.

Pic: me after I ran the entire 3.1 miles of GRIT 5k day this week without stopping to walk. It’s been over 6 years since I was able to do that. It took me 2.5 months of GRIT to make that goal. When I trained alone it took me 6 months. There’s so much strength in having a team.

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