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Who is your Pam?

Get yourself a Pam...

I met my friend and fellow StoryAthlete, Pam Compton (not related 😉), for coffee today (I drank decaf tea, coffee is still 🤢).

We sat for two hours chatting away about all the life things. Husbands, kids, ex-husbands, family, work, working out, writing etc etc etc.

We initially made the date to meet up because I wrote a story inside GRIT where I pretty much had a total meltdown about my life and its direction. She told me we need to get together because she had too many things to say about my story that day, she couldn’t write them all down.

As we sat, hashing through my internal issues, she told me I was angsty. She hit the nail on the head. I AM angsty.

As we talked I realized that I wanted to skip March GRIT not because my body needs a break, you can modify everything in GRIT, literally any body in any shape can do it. That was a cop out. I wanted to skip it because I know I have big decisions to make regarding Compton Co; and where it’s going and if it’s going to continue on in the way it currently looks, or cease to exist altogether. And if I skip GRIT, I can run from having to deal with those decisions. It’s not the working out I was trying to run from, it was the self reflection.

GRIT writing forces you to examine yourself and then handle your business. I know whatever decisions I make are going to be unpleasant in some way or another, so rather than attack that head on, I was pretending to myself I just needed a “break”. As Pam said, I wanted to be an ostrich, sticking my head in the sand and only coming up to see if everything was still the same. Then burying my head back down again upon the realization that it is, in fact, still the same.

She also hit me between the eyes with, “You know the answer. You just don’t want to do it.”

If you don’t have friends like Pam, who are willing to let you word vomit all over them, then shoot you straight and call you on your bullshit, you’re missing out in life.

Who’s your Pam?

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