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Why I write...

Let me tell you why I tell stories.

Yesterday when I left my lesson at Grit & Grace Ranch I was feeling kind of embarrassed of myself. Down about the fact that I’ve been riding for 5 months and got on a new horse and looked like I’ve never ridden before.

What I’ve learned about being the author of the story of my life is that at any moment, I can rewrite the story to look and feel how I want it to.

To flip the script on my embarrassment and pouty pants mood about my lesson, I told a story. I share the stories with you, but I’m always writing them to myself.

I told the true story, I don’t get to rewrite what actually happened. I sucked at riding yesterday, that’s a fact, we can’t rewrite history. I do get to rewrite how I feel about it and what lens I see I through though.

I rewrote it to be a humorous and lighthearted moment where I got to ride my dream horse. I set a stage where I’ll spend the next year of my life learning with and from Bonnie. I wrote a story where she’s my secret soul mate (actually not a secret, we’re soul mates).

If you would like to learn the skill of using stories to start actively holding the pen as the author of your life, the next StoryAthlete 28 day challenge starts next Monday, January 13th. If you want the details, let me know 👇.

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