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Why I'm Grateful

Why I’m grateful for red shirt guy.

I’ve gotten a lot of comments about red shirt guy today and I’ve been reflecting on that situation.

I’m super grateful for red shirt guy. He gave me tons of gifts in that short time we were together.

1. He gave me a great story to tell.
2. He gave me motivation to do the extra round.
3. He gave me life lessons to teach the boys.
4. He showed me how far I’ve come in the 6 short weeks I’ve been a StoryAthlete. 6 weeks ago I wouldn’t have even owned a sandbag and I definitely wouldn’t have taken it to a public park or army crawled in front of other people. Yesterday, I did it while he watched, laughed and made noises that were supposed to mimic a mentally handicapped person (he was a real winner) and I didn’t get that hot anger or embarrassment I normally would have. I was too focused on my mission and my team to let red shirt guy deter me.
5. There was a mom on the playground yesterday who was significantly heavier than me and struggling to run after her kids. She was probably ten years-ish younger than me (I’m 37). If I would’ve run from red shirt guy, she wouldn’t have seen me working hard in public and not giving a shit what anyone thought. Showing her what’s possible is way more important than red shirt guy.

Thanks red shirt guy for the bounty of beautiful gifts. 👊

This pic has nothing to do with red shirt guy but yesterday was ranch day and red shirt guy definitely can’t steal my ranch day happiness.

If you are wondering who red shirt guy is, see previous post.

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