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Write it down...

Do you guys journal?

It’s the biggest self care/self help behavior I do. If something is bothering me, writing it out lets it go, releases it out into the world. I don’t have to carry it anymore. If something in my energy is off and I can’t put my finger on it, if I write long enough it will usually come to the surface.

I think journaling is an incredibly powerful tool.

I have multiple books I use for different things. A coaching book where half is for personal coaching and half for business coaching. A business journal where I write ideas and work through numbers, design ideas, take notes, and research new stores. My start today journal where I write my goals as if they’ve already happened.

My newest book is a gratitude journal where I write thank you letters. Not to people but to the “things” in my life I take for granted. Thank you letters to my body, my home, nature, etc. This new journal has been so powerful. If you sit down and write down everything you are grateful your body has done for you and does for you daily, you will really look at it in a new light.

I don’t use every book every day. They all have their time and place.

What kind of journaling do you? I’d really love to know how you use this tool in your life.

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