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You can do it too...

Today I bought a hat I 100% do not need. I have my own hat line. So I already have 1,000 hats.

Still bought this one.

Which is a lesson for us all. There’s plenty of room for you at the table. Whatever your “thing” is, there’s room for you.

I love hats. So I have a hat line. And I buy other people’s hats. Because I love hats.

I love jewelry. So I have a jewelry line. Doesn’t stop me from buying other people’s jewelry. Because I love jewelry.

When starting our businesses, we, especially as women, think “the market is saturated” and there’s not room for us. That’s straight up bull.

We drink a lot of wine. We love to try new ones. We have our favorites, for sure, but that doesn’t stop us from trying new ones. There’s room for all the wines.

There’s room for you. Whatever it is you love and want to share with the world, there’s room for it. You’re doing the world a disservice by not sharing it.

Share it. Especially if it’s a hat, ok. I can never have enough hats. 😉

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