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Nocturnal amphibious birds.

The other night, I was laying in bed trying to get Cooper to give up on his FOMO and go the fuck to sleep (have you read that book?) and we had the windows open. I heard birds chirping and thought to myself, “that’s weird that the birds are chirping at night.” Then it hit me, THE FROGS ARE HERE!

I’m a city girl, if you couldn’t tell from the fact that I mistake frog chirps for bird chirps. I’m getting better at my animal sounds but those frogs sound suspiciously like birds to someone who has never heard frogs chirp before I moved to this house four years ago.

When we moved here in the fall of 2015, there was a large above ground pool in the backyard. It was covered for the winter already. When spring came around, the birds were VERY loud in the backyard. Overwhelmingly loud, and I thought that was so strange, but I’ve never lived outside the city before. There’s never been acres of woods in my backyard, just other houses. I just went with it, birds chirp at night here and colonize in your yard 🤷‍♀️.

Upon further inspection, I realized that the pool was the new home to thousands of tadpoles and frogs. The frogs had turned this pool into a full on amphibian metropolis. On top of the cover, under the cover, on the sides of the pool....frogs. So. Many. Frogs.For the record, Chris knew it was frogs making the noise the entire time. I never vocalized the fact I thought birds deafeningly chirp at night, only in Barnhart MO, so he had no reason to correct me.

I wanted to inform you that my amphibious nocturnal birds are here, colonizing my pool free backyard and that means it’s spring. Spring is here! The frogs said so!!!

Spring is my absolute favorite time of year. I’m not a fall girl. I do not care about pumpkin anything and I hate falling leaves. I LOVE spring blooms and any animal that chirps to me that warmth and sunshine are on the way.

Are you a spring lover like me and my frogs? Or are you a fall person? I’ll still be your friend if you like fall, I promise.

Pic: throwback pic of me and one of those chirping nocturnal birds.

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