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You're embarrassed to be seen starting small...

My friend Jackie from Grit & Grace Ranch shared the following quote this morning:

“You are not afraid to start your dream; you are embarrassed to be seen starting small.” -Brendon Burchard

Chris and I dream of owning a farm/homestead. We want to have animals and grow food (well, Chris wants to grow food, I want to play with goats...).

We know that, at the moment, it’s not realistic for us to go buy a farm. So we are doing small things to get us to our dream, and we are not afraid to be seen starting small.

Starting small is exactly how you get where you want to go. Don’t ever be embarrassed by it.

The first thing we did was refinance our mortgage from a 30 year to a 15 year so we can build equity quicker in the home we already have, so in 5 years time, if we are ready to get our first larger piece of land, we’ve made some good headway on this house and it will help us acquire our next property, instead of being a hindrance.

Our current neighborhood association rules do allow us to have chickens, as long as we don’t have any roosters (no goats 😭). Our backyard isn’t ready for chickens, the landscaping back there won’t happen until the spring.

So, in the spirit of starting our farm small, we’ve watched 1,000 videos on raising rabbits, went to a breeder in Illinois and got our first 3 bunnies. Two does and this little buck.

The family we got them from has over 100 rabbits and 3 vibrant little boys that loved playing with our kiddos. They crawled into our van, unbuckled Cooper out of his seat before I could get to him and went running into the yard together while we learned about rabbits, which breeds we should choose, how they mate, they showed us the brand new kits they had (7 litters of them!), and gave us a good education.

Chris hates my Beatles themed farm (he never told me until we actually needed to name farm animals) so we decided on an America theme. We don’t have a firm name for the actual farm yet (RIP Strawberry Fields) but we do need to name these 3 bunnies.

The two does (girls) are solid black and solid white and we have this little buck in the photo.

We thought about naming them after states. The buck being named Missouri and calling him MO. The girls could be named Alabama and called Ali, or Florida and be called Flo etc.

We also thought about calling the buck Uncle Sam and the does Liberty and Justice.

Here’s where you come in. Help us name our very first farm bunnies! Give us all your America themed bunny names. 👇

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