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Youtube Date.

YouTube date.

One of me and Chris’s favorite things to do is watch YouTube videos together that we’ve seen 100 times already and laugh hysterically like we’ve never seen them before. Actually, it’s usually me laughing until I cry and Chris laughing at me cry-laughing at something I’ve seen 1,000 times before.

Some of our favorites: a completely random clip of Jimmy Fallon talking to Steve Higgins during a segment where they read random tweets. One of the tweets says the phrase “monster cables” and they incessantly repeat it in a New Jersey accent that makes me imagine them wearing muscles shirts and spray tans. This of course turns to me using my best Jersey accent for the next week and saying “monster cables” about everything, even (especially) when it makes no sense at all. Seeing as how I don’t know what a monster cable is, it honestly never makes sense when I say it.

We also have a few favorite YouTube clips that aren’t funny but we love with our whole hearts. Jimmy Fallon (Jimmy is a recurring theme here) singing The Lion Sleeps Tonight on a looper with Billy Joel tops the list. It might be our all time favorite thing to watch on YouTube. Every time we watch Chris is equally amazed that Billy still sounds like he’s 25 when he clearly appears to be 73 years old now. “God, I can’t believe he still sounds that good!” Every. Single. Time.

The original Lip Sync Battles that happened on Jimmy Fallon (told you...) prior to the spin off show are on heavy rotation. Paul Rudd and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are two of our favorite ones, but Emma Stone trails close behind. I love Will Ferrell doing Beyonce but Chris doesn’t have the appreciation for Bey videos that I do, so he can’t understand the sheer artistry of Will doing the Drunk in Love dance. His loss. I paused writing this story so I could go watch that video and it brought me the same amount of joy the 7,567th time as it did the first.

Lip Sync battles from the actual show get revisited pretty often. Chris loves the Terry Crews episode and if you haven’t seen Peter Parker dancing like he’s performing on a real Broadway stage to Rihanna’s Umbrella, are you even living?

When we feel generally disconnected or are missing being boyfriend and girlfriend (marriage just seems a lot harder than dating), we grab a bottle of wine, wait until our kids are asleep and YouTube binge the same 15 videos.

Chris Compton, YouTube date night to recover from all the holidays? You bring the wine. I’ll bring the laughter.

Pic: artistic representation of our life. We are in charge of the camera taking the photo and still can’t get the timing right. 😂

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