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Our Story

 Heeeeyyyy!  Thanks so much for checking out the Compton Co;!

A little about us: 


I’m Heather, the designer, maker and general trouble maker around here.  I turned my passion for books and reading into a little jewelry business when I was looking for something fulfilling during my time as a stay at home mom to my three babies.  


All of our pieces are hand made, most with vintage dictionary images because I fully believe in the power of words.  


All of our pieces are centered around faith, family and encouragement.  After losing my husband’s father to suicide in late 2017 we spent a lot of time ruminating on the million reasons someone might take their own life.  The idea of lack of worth, not feeling worthy enough to be alive, kept coming up over and over.  


I decided the best way to help fight that is to focus my attention on making tangible pieces of encouragement that will help you stay grounded in your family, faith and worthiness.  You are enough but sometimes need a visual reminder to keep you moving in the right direction.  


Our goal in life is to remind as many people as possible that they are loved, worthy, important, strong, unique, needed and absolutely enough just as they are.  


My husband, Chris, is my rock and you will see him around here quite a bit.  He’s such an amazing supporter of my mission and goals.  I’m so blessed to have him.  I have three VERY energetic little boys and three VERY energetic rescue kittens.  Our house is generally kind of a circus, very chaotic and full of joy.  


Before you go, we want to remind you that you are enough, just as you are!